Model is it a Profession or Life Style?!


Model – is it a Profession or Life Style?!

I have been working as a model for a long time. I look great, take care about my food and live sporty and healthy! I am a Model!  It sounds so proud for me!

A Model – is it a Profession or Life Style?!  I ask myself very often about this question. I made a higher education but didn’t really work in my profession business field. Older I became more often I ask myself what to do because to be a model is not a real profession. It’s like a short-lived ballet dancer job. Model’s life is very intensive and interesting; it gives a great opportunity to travel around the world, communicate with different people and see fashion world inside. The big difference from other jobs is that there is no monotony and other daily schedule in it.

It’s a job for a person, who wants to be independent and free, but at the same time you start to be dependent on your own freedom.  It’s a kind of freedom’s drug, because after it is not so easy to change your approach to work daily from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. but maybe one day it can happen.

And I believe that working as a model you will get a great priceless experience, which will help you in career more than other communication trainings. Every day you will look ahead with confidence and pleasure in life.

If you make your job with a pleasure it will bring you a big fruitful success!



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